Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rapid Reaction: Part III - BCS Survives on Life Support, Tigers Wrecked, All but Wisc/Hawaii

BCS Survives on Life Support
Texas 13, Nebraska 12
The BCS would have died if not for one of the strangest endings we've every seen to a conference title game. The stats are ugly as Texas outgained the Huskers 202-106, but yet the Huskers had more than a shot to win this game. It has to be said that Nebraska turned in what I have to call the greatest defensive performance of my lifetime. They sacked Colt McCoy nine times, excuse while I emphasize NEBRASKA SACKED COLT MCCOY NINE TIMES! A field goal with a little over a minute left gave Nebraska a 12-10 lead, but we all knew McCoy would lead them after that. The problem is that while in field goal range as the clock was winding down that McCoy almost lost the game for the Horns as he barely avoided the ultimate bonehead move of allowing time to run out, but they survived it to kick the game-winner as time expired. Nebraska lost the game primarily because of these kinds of stats: 2-16 on third down, 39 passing yards, 67 passing yards, Zach Lee 6 of 19 with 3 INT, 5 total first downs, and general offensive futility. They had a change because of these defensive stats: allowed 18 yards on 38 rushes, intercepted McCoy three times, and Ndamukong Suh being an absolute beast who could not be stopped.
My pick result- Loss vs spread, win straight-up

Tigers Wrecked
Georgia Tech 39, Clemson 34
I can't say I watched too much of this game unfortunately, because I was afraid that if I changed the channel Suh was gonna tackle me too. I can see from the box score that Spiller accumulated even more obscene statistics in the loss (233 yards 4 touchdowns on 20 carries). Tech still won the rushing battle 333 to 323 which wouldn't otherwise be shocking if not for Spiller's impressive total. The stat that shocks me more than any today? Georgia Tech won the passing yardage battle for what I have to presume is the first time since Paul Johnson's arrival as QB Josh Nesbitt went 9 of 16 for 136 yards and a touchdown. Clemson QB Kyle Parker went 10 of 17 for 91 yards with two interceptions. If there's one thing I know it's that the Jackets are vulnerable to the pass, but apparently Clemson stuck with their best player rather than there best chance to win and kept it on the ground.
My pick result- Win vs spread and straight-up

"Tebow of the Northwest" Avenges Real Tebow
Washington 42, California 10
They call Washington QB Jack Locker the Tebow of the Northwest, and so I assume he needed to avenge the Tebow loss to Alabama earlier in the day. That's the only way to explain his 19 of 23 for 248 yards and three touchdowns through the air AND 14 carries for 77 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. I suppose it could also be that he's pretty damn good and a likely top 15 pick in this NFL Draft. I really didn't watch this between the SEC title game, the SoCal-Arizona Game and the 8:00 kick-offs, so I won't get too much into detail. I just want to make sure we all understand that Jack Locker is Tim Tebow with better mechanics and an easier transition to NFL coming.
My pick result- Win vs spread and straight-up

Huskies Finish Strong After Season of Emotion
Connecticut 29, South Florida 27
The Huskies of Connecticut ended a regular season of a few ups and more downs than any team in the country with a win over South Florida on a 40+ yard field goal in the snowy conditions of the Northeast. USF QB B.J. Daniels kept the game alive after the Bulls were down 20-7 in this game with three rushing scores on the game. Connecticut played just well enough to pull out the last-second victory that seemed to elude them all season. After all the game UConn lost that they nearly won it was nice to see them finish the season with a victory. As for the cold winter it's likely to get colder with Randy Edsall's squad likely headed to Toronto for the International Bowl.
My pick result- Win vs the spread and straight-up

Owls Win
Florida Atlantic 28, Florida International 21
I've got nothing intelligent to say about this one nor do I feel this game requires a more creative headline. Apparently the FAU QB's name is Jeff Vancamp, what happened to Rusty Smith? Guess he must've gotten injured at some point vs Sun Belt conference rival SCLSU. Go Mud Dogs!
My pick result- Win vs the spread and straight-up

Holy Garbage Late Game Batman!
Wisconsin leading Hawaii with time left in second quarter
This is the only game left and currently I have the winning team but it appears the Badgers will also cover unless a defensive collapse is upcoming. Then I was thinking......

via text alert I find out Magic lead Warriors 100-97... at end of third quarter... HOLY LACK OF DEFENSE BATMAN!

So far I'm 9-4 vs the spread and 9-4 straight-up, I'd guess a 10-4 and 9-5 are upcoming if Wisconsin tackles in the second half. Likely won't make it to end of this game, but will listen to 'Sconsin broadcast on XM Radio as I drift away to the kind of sleep the people at the BCS cannot enjoy as they spend their days killing puppies and baby seals with claw hammers and feeding hacked up human fetuses to their pet snakes.

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