Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rapid Reaction: Noon/12:30 Games

If the rest of the day is this good I might not watch football tomorrow
Cincinnati 45, Pittsburgh 44 - Seemed like the 'Stache had it in the bag, but with 9 minutes left up 38-30 Pitt had to give it back to Cincy. It was at that point I knew we'd be in for a finish. Sure enough the Manbearpigcats of Cincinnati soon had it tied 38 all. Suddenly Pitt raced down the field, probably a little too quick, to take a lead after a missed PAT 44-38. Again, you kinda knew what was next. Brian Kelly's crew scored the TD and got their PAT to lead 45-44. From there it was all over as Pitt showed their greatest weakness was the ability to move the ball quickly in crunch time. So to the Orange Bowl goes Cincinnati unless their is some big Big XII craziness tonight followed by voter shenanigans tomorrow, and likely to the Bowl goes Pitt after a great season. Listen, I don't want to play Pitt, but there's also the matter of the Panthers deserving better in their bowl invite. The Panthers were 9-3 with all three losses coming close (@ NC State 38-31 and @West Va 19-16 being the other losses) and a trip to a BCS bowl in the wings. Instead it's likely that WVU will get the Gator Bowl invite to play FSU and the Charlotte Bowl (Car Care whatever) will have to decide between taking the better team in Pitt or the better draw with someone like Rutgers. Here's hoping for the sake of both Pitt and South Carolina that the Panthers get to at least go to Charlotte.
My pick result- Lost vs spread and straight-up

Fresno St 53, Illinois 52 - Okay, so this was actually the best finish of the day despite the greatness of the Cincy-Pitt game. The game was apparently played with defense turned out by the controller (EA SPORTS, it's in the game!). The Illini out-rushed (331-233), out-passed (217-183), out-gained (548-416), and out-turned over (3-1) the Bulldogs on the day. Really with Juice Williams three turnovers seems a moral victory, but it should be credited in this game to the Fresno coaching staff. Keep in mind that the Illini have been raking in recruits with the Zooker at the helm, but Pat Hill is one hell of a coach who knows how to get it done as he got his team again to an impressive 8-4 season. The reason for best finish on this game? Fresno scored a TD with 0:02 left and opted to go for two and the win. The Fresno QB was in the process of being sacked as he heaved the ball towards the endzone, the ball seemed in the hand of a receiver, was knocked out from behind by defender, and then the ball found its way into the hands of an offensive lineman who rumbled into the endzone to complete the try. Pat Hill proved that he's the better coach and has balls the size of watermelons.
My pick result- Won vs spread and straight-up

East Carolina 38, Houston 32- This game was a close second to the Pitt-Cincy game in terms of how much I watched it. I watched it because I wanted to see Case Keenum and I like Skip Holtz. I also figured that Houston would look good an offense and that their defense would make ECU look much better on offense than usual. Keenum had 527 yards passing but is the current clubhouse leader for the Rix Trophy with 3 interceptions and a fumble. As predicted the more fundamental team won this game and the Pirates are headed to the Liberty Bowl to likely square off against the Arkansas Razorbacks.
My pick result- Won vs spread and straight-up

West Virginia 24, Rutgers 21- I watched only the final couple of kneel downs in the game by the time I realized Rutgers had closed the gap, and so I can only provide some stats for this one. Rutgers QB Savage went 9 for 27 with 153 yards, 1 TD, and 2 INT. West Virginia won the rushing battle 162-65. The teams combined for a putrid 3 of 29 on third down attempts. It was likely a truly awful football game to watch unless of course you were a drunk WVU fan, which come to think of it is unnecessary specification, so pretty much if you are a WVU you were the only ones enjoying this.
My pick result- Lost vs spread and straight-up

Louisiana Tech 55, San Jose St 20- May God have mercy on the souls of all eight of you who watched this game. It's the game so bad even doesn't have a recap posted yet. La Tech covered the spread, we as a nation covered our eyes, and in all reality no one will remember this game tomorrow which is the most fitting ending to this story.
My pick result- Lost vs spread, won straight-up

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