Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24: My Top 25

I'm not a voter, and don't even pretend to be one. The job is often more mocked than anything else, and ultimately you get more grief than credit. All that said, here is the Top 25 I would submit if I did vote. I have tried my best to give justification for each spot. Think I got something wrong? Let me know. It'd be nice to have some healthy debate on my blog.

*Rankings can change week-to-week, a win doesn't necessarily equal staying or moving up.

1. Oregon
The Pac-10 has been very good this year, and the Ducks are making the rest of the league look stupid so far

2. TCU
They've been streamrolling people, including Air Force this week (same team that took OU to the limit in regulation).

3. Auburn
Cam Newton is amazing, but I still think they pass D bites them eventually. Only quality road win opportunity is Iron Bowl.

4. Utah
This would be that other Mountain West team no one is talking about, collision course with TCU on the way.

5. Boise St
Other teams doing more each week to move up, but just keep winning and others will fall.

6. Alabama
I know they lost, but their schedule gives them this spot, just ahead of some undefeated teams.

7. Missouri
I know they just got a huge win vs Oklahoma at home, but need to see more to believe. Schedule before last night was awful.

8. Michigan St
Northwester is well-coached and coming off a bye, so the comeback is what I like to see in that spot.

9. Oklahoma
Road loss doesn't hurt them too much, plus still quality W's on the resume.

10. LSU
LSU being in the game yesterday says how good their D is, a Top 5 D, but bottom 5 O.

11. Wisconsin
Huge road win for the Badgers to add to their home win vs Ohio St. L at #8 MSU lone blemish.

12. Stanford
Only loss is to Oregon, some nice thumpings otherwise, solid team.

13. Arizona
Only loss was by 2 pts to Oregon St w/Quizz, otherwise solid resume

14. Iowa
Two losses: by 1 vs #11 Wiscosin, by 7 at #13 Arizona. Can't punish too much for those.

15. Ohio St
Buckeyes have played one team currently ranked, Wisconsin, and they lost. Good at clubbing baby seals though.

16. Nebraska
I'm still very skeptical of Huskers, but a nice road win vs Okie St helps.

17. Florida St
Something weird: Noles might end season having played only 1 top 25 team, Oklahoma.

18. Northwestern
Ranking won't last long, but after that kind of effort I can slightly overlook headscratcher against Purdue.

19. Arkansas
Two losses both to Top 10 teams, remaining schedule gives plenty of room for resume to grow.

20. South Carolina
W over Alabama, W over Georgia looks better now, L at Auburn doesn't hurt, but L at Kentucky does.

21. Baylor
Next two games, at Texas & at Oklahoma St, will be the Show Me games for Bears.

22. Mississippi St
W over Florida only gives so much credit this year, close game w/UAB gives skepticism, but close L vs Auburn helps.

23. Oklahoma St
Yesterday vs Nebraska was first loss, but also first opponent of note.

24. Virginia Tech
Still haven't lost since losing twice to Boise St (loss to JMU counts as other loss to Boise)

25. Illinois
They have 3 L's, but they were vs #7 Missouri, at #8 Michigan St & vs #15 Ohio St. This feels odd, but they look decent.

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